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Tuesday, June 18, 2019
The Promise is Hope
The Promise is Hope is the Worcester-based folk/rock duo and married couple. Ashley & Eric L’Esperance formed The Promise is Hope on the day of their engagement in March 2014, and have been playing and touring in New England and the mid-Atlantic ever since.
Their music marries two distinctly talented songwriters. Ashley performs “subtle yet stunning” melodies with a classically-trained, but often folksy, voice. Her poetic lyrics explore the deep mysteries within nature and human relationship. Eric’s obvious reverence for the great folk songwriters of the 60’s and 70’s shines through his sweetly deep voice. His prose-like lyrics unravel the joys and struggles of life’s journeys, and “take what appears to be freeform and make it flow beautifully” into well-crafted pieces. Ashley’s soft finger-picking style lays comfortably beneath Eric’s bright electric Washburn, and their voices blend effortlessly. Together, the two artists complement each other in every respect. Their sound is shaped by tastes of folk, electronic, acoustic and pop. Their songs are sometimes fun, sometimes deep, and always aimed for the heart. As Eric puts it, The Promise is Hope aims to “write songs that are honest and true … in a way that hopefully helps others see the truth and the beauty that exists in their own lives.”